Внутрішнє переміщення в Україні

Since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, massive displacement is set to become an all-encompassing phenomena inside the Ukrainian society. People are displaced in any region, town or small village, leaving behind their properties, memories and too often also their dearest.

Internal displacement in Ukraine is now the most severe crisis of such kind in Europe ever. On one side, IDPs are not legal subjects according to the international framework for the protection of IDPs, whereas on the other side, comparative migration and security studies have rarely questioned to what extent the securitization of citizenship has an impact on IDPs.

Саме через ці дві причини наш проект розглядає те, як виглядати, коли в Україні називають ВПО, і як ця категоризація впливає на їх ідентичність та надання соціальних гарантій. Спираючись на нещодавнє політичний звіт on the IDP-citizenship nexus and the consequential renegotiation of identity, this project wants to draw attention to such a topical and large-scale phenomenon by interacting with individuals who went/are going through it or who have been reporting it.

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