Citizenship and Identity: IDP Dimension is a cross-sectoral project aimed at addressing the effects of internal displacement on civilians’ sense of belonging. By means of a virtual map representing the journeys of many IDPs in Ukraine, we are going to collect important stories of migration just focusing on broad questions, like “what did I lose and what did I find? Who am I today?”

We call on  artists, activists, researchers, writers, photographers, and anyone who wants to share their stories in the form of artwork (painting, photography, print, video art, installation, short films, storytelling, sculpture, mixed technique, poetry, illustration, essay, fiction, etc) to submit their contribution.

The ambitious idea behind this project is to draw a roadmap about possible scenarios for the future of those who left their homes, which is not limited to a potential return or permanent resettlement, but on the contrary, it is influenced by personal drivers that needs to be heard and brought to the attention of those who never experienced displacement.

The central pillar of the project is to tackle academic theorizations of citizenship and identity following forced displacement with a more accessible overtone. Therefore, we welcome submissions that draw from more than one discipline: anthropology, sociology, media studies, gender studies, urbanism, cinema studies, heritage and memory studies, etc.

Suggested, although not exclusive, approaches to the issue:

  • inclusion vs exclusion
  • return vs permanent resettlement
  • new configurations of citizenship
  • dealing with traumas through activism
  • media outlets’ approaches to “the IDP issue”
  • social barriers to access basic citizens’ rights
  • adolescence/entering adulthood
  • rethinking maternity following war and displacement
  • speculative fiction: what does the future look like?
  • social distancing prior and post covid-19 pandemics


We are looking to select 15 projects that will be displayed on our website and shared widely through social media channels. Participants should expect a special mention in the final report of the project and the possibility to exhibit and present their work in the final event in early 2022, for which a travel reimbursement will be provided (TBA).

Just a few very basic guidelines: essays should not exceed 2000 words, whereas videos should have a good image resolution/audio quality and should last 10 minutes max.

Very important: all kinds of submissions must be in English or translated from the original language into English (only videos can be submitted in Ukrainian/Russian but needs to have English subtitles).

The call will stay open until March 31, 2022 (inclusively). Interested entrants are asked to submit their completed project, a short description of the project (up to 500 words) + contact details, a brief bio and a picture through the form below.

It can refer to a website page or any storage. Make sure the storage time is durable so that we can reach it before it expires
Max. file size: 100 MB.
File should not exceed 100 Mb. If it's bigger, please upload at your storage and provide the link in the respective field.
Max. file size: 2 MB.


For more information, send us an email to: